People can now present social problems to find practical solutions and execute those solutions in real world. No more waiting for someone else solve social problems.

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How it works

People can appeal social problems to gets proposed with workable idea’s and
finally those proposed ideas can come to life by movements

What you can do withAppeals
  • Step 1

    Appeal a problem with evidence

  • Step 2

    Shed more light through conversation threads

  • Step 3

    Find suitable proposal which can solve your problem

What you can do withProposals
  • Step 1

    Share a sensible idea

  • Step 2

    Find a problem which can be solved by the idea

  • Step 3

    Recommend existing ideas to appropriate problems

What you can do withMovements
  • Step 1

    Pick an idea from proposals

  • Step 2

    Give life to idea by starting it as a movement

  • Step 3

    Get volunteers, resources guidance and reputation

Not a Couch Potato

From the time a person chooses to become a volunteer, He/She must go
through so many obstacles, Here are some common challenges...

Be one amongst us

We believe that everyone in the society has a role to play towards its better future.
You will be one of the below types, therefore you’ve something to contribute.

Building Blocks
Every Dream has its own journey

Social Ranking

Based on ones contribution to the society


Send and receive gratitude with people


To keep all your social movements organized

Brilliant Ideas

Share and learn from brilliant ideas around the globe


Manage & be connected to the people inspire you


Access resources needed your movement


Avail sponsorship to lessen your burden


Centralize movements and employees within thier boundary